The Project H is a 7-piece fusion group from Kansas City. Kansas City is experiencing a renaissance in it’s jazz scene and The Project H is leading the way having recently won the Pitch Music Award for “Best Jazz Ensemble” in Kansas City. Their latest release, “We Live Among the Lines” was named the second best Kansas City release of any genre in 2014 by The Deli Magazine. And their rendition of Beck’s “Song Reader” was named Tim Finn’s (KC Star) favorite show in Kansas City in 2013. The Project H is preparing to record their fourth album entitled “Ghosts” this year.

To hear the newest release, please go to:


Here are examples of what people are saying about the groups newest offering:

This septet pops with a vibrant horn driven sound that might best be described as part retro Chicago horns and part Snarky Puppy…and you can dance to it!…Championing independent artists is an easy gig when the band is this insanely good. One of the better releases across any genre for 2014. There should be a law against music being this much fun!” – Brent Black, Critical Jazz

“It’s music that goes on dancing in your head a long time after it has stopped playing. It’s jazz and more. It’s the good kind.” – Joe Klopus, Kansas City Star

“We Live Among the Lines is jazz music for people who think they don’t like jazz, blues for people who want it with some spice, soul for those who don’t get enough brass.” -Natalie Gallagher, The Pitch

“Become Light, the effervescent second album by the Project H, was Plastic’s Sax’s top release by a locally based ensemble in 2012. The new album is even better….We Live Among the Lines indicates that the members of the Project H understand that musical daring and fun aren’t mutually exclusive concepts.” – Bill Brownlee, Plastic Sax


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