Shows through June, new videos!

I have updated our shows. We have a few breaks in there so I’m posting some new videos to hold you over…


Saturday’s Back:

A Bear’s Cage:

Jazz Underground Set 1. Feb 5:

Living Among the Lines with Lauren Krum:

Early reviews are coming in!

So far the reviews that we have seen for “We Live Among The Lines” have been great. We hope to see more press about the release! If you have a site or know of anyone that will review, let us know!

We Live Among The Lines

Project H - We Live Among the Lines Cover Reviews are starting to come in, radio stations are playing tracks and we have a ton of shows this month. Yes, the new CD is available! The digital release is planned for Tuesday, September 9. Of course we would like you to download it from our “STORE TAB” (no middle man to take a cut) but it will also be available on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon and all those types of places. It’s always best to come out a show though! We are proud of this one! Let us know what you think.

Thank You!


Wow, can’t believe that we won but very thankful that we did. There wasn’t a bad group in the category so thank you to all that voted. We have some really cool things to announce (if you’re part of the mailing list, you already know) but we’re gonna make you wait a bit longer!