Thank You!


Wow, can’t believe that we won but very thankful that we did. There wasn’t a bad group in the category so thank you to all that voted. We have some really cool things to announce (if you’re part of the mailing list, you already know) but we’re gonna make you wait a bit longer!

Ramblings at 2am.

My newborn son has a stuffy nose and is in and out of sleep, I drank a coffee during the break at our gig tonight (9pm). Needless to say, I’m still up, my mind is racing and I’ve watched half of a season of Curb Your Enthusiasm…so far. Recently, my dear friend and TPH trumpeter, Clint Ashlock has been blogging about his compositional process. It’s been really inspiring to me and I’m thinking about doing the same. I am finishing the last few tunes for “We Live Among The Lines” (should it be among or amongst?) as well as writing for a new group so it would be perfect timing right? On June 21st, I’ll be playing with this new group led by Chris Hazelton at the Green Lady Lounge. Two trombones, B3 and drums. Chris wants to call it Hambone. I’m not crazy about the name but I suppose there are far worse puns or whatever (play on words) involving my instrument that could be made. Regardless, this is giving me an opportunity to write some more straight-forward compositions but it’s really got me thinking about The Project H and how far it has come.

TPH started as a way for me to write jazz tunes with the trombone as the focus. (Pretty much the point of this new group) TPH quickly morphed into two horns with rhythm and then three horns with rhythm. It became more about the group and the writing, as well as my non-jazz influences, rather than jazz trombone. I would write about personal matters, good and bad. In regards to the latest recording, these new tunes are more about what the band has gone through and while they still mean the world to me, they are on a slightly less personal level. Making records was not the initial intention. Honestly, I thought “Become Light” would probably be the last one. Not the case obviously. Bottom line is that this group is too much fun to stop. Anyways, I may or may not document the process of this new project but I can’t wait for everyone to hear the results from both groups.I could keep going on about several other things but Larry’s mother just passed away…until next time. Cheers.


New shows have been added, and of course, if you want us to come play and that date isn’t taken, shoot us an email and we’ll work something out! We go back for our final recording session in June and everything is on schedule for an early september release!